DNR Group was established and registered in New York City in 1994.
DNR Group is effectively and successfully working in Russia, USA, Uzbekistan
and Ukraine.


  •      Development;
  •      Construction;
  •      Wholesaler of Building Materials

Since 1999 till 2007, DNR Group has been realizing construction business projects estimated in the amount of 46,000,000 US Dollars for Residential Construction in New York, USA.

At the present moment, DNR Group is participating in construction projects in New York and New Jersey for the total amount of 52,000,000 US Dollars.


1. Telecommunication sector

DNR Group (I&P Flamingo Inc. – international trading and investment department of DNR Group) in 2001-2002 cooperated in participation with Lucent Technology (USA) and Marubeni Corporation (Japan) in tender for Telecommunication equipment supplies for projects in the Republic of Uzbekistan with the estimated cost in the amount of 15,000,000 US Dollars.

2. Railway sector

DNR Group (I&P Flamingo Inc. – international trading and investment department of DNR Group) in 1998 won the tender in tight cooperation with “Voest-Alpine Schienen Gmbh” (Austria) for supplying steel rails for Uzbekistan’s Railway reconstruction in project frame of Asian Bank of Reconstruction and Development. Contract successfully completed in the amount of 8,700,000 US Dollars. 

3. Aviation and Airspace sector

DNR Group (I&P Flamingo Inc. – international trading and investment department of DNR Group) is an official supplier of aviation technologies and materials for the Ilyushin Manufacturers in the CIS countries, including aviation plant GAO “TAPO” (Uzbekistan).

Since May, 2000 DNR Group is an official collaborator of US Department of State in military conversion (Project UZB 24) Government’s contract with Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

4. Production

DNR Group (I&P Flamingo Inc. – international trading and investment department of DNR Group) established in Uzbekistan a subsidiary company “New Island”, one of the leading companies in fabrication of aluminum and PVC doors and windows systems. “New Island” has executed important Curtain Wall aluminum system projects for Andijan branch of Central Bank of Uzbekistan, “Asaka Bank” in Andijan and Fergana cities, “Aviation Bank” in Tashkent city, and others.

5. Trading in CIS countries

DNR Group (I&P Flamingo Inc. – international trading and investment department of DNR Group) in 1996 won the tender for complex supplying of furniture to the New Building of Central Bank of Republic of Uzbekistan. Contract successfully completed in the amount of 5,390,000 US Dollars.


DNR Group (I&P Flamingo Inc. – international trading and investment department of DNR Group) executed more than 200 contracts for construction materials, other goods and raw material supplies to Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan in an amount exceeding 30 Millions of US Dollars.



Founded in 1994, DNR has become one of the leading real estate development companies in Staten Island . The company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is one of the key reasons for its success. Homebuyers choose DNR  because of its superior reputation, excellent locations, quality assurance, top management and dedication to excellent customer service. Such critical success factors propel our firm’s growth and make us one of the premier real estate development companies.


Customer satisfaction is our top priority and is attained by offering individual attention to each homebuyer. Each client receives information on the progress of their new home construction, learns about available custom features, has an opportunity to request custom additions and modifications, takes advantage of a new home orientation upon completion and enjoys the benefits of post-construction customer service.


DNR follows a philosophy of finding quality properties at great locations for the development of its homes. Our experience and deep market knowledge allow us to study the demographics, proximity to public services, availability of access roads and other aspects of each potential property. By selecting excellent locations we ensure future selling success of our homes. In making its strategic decisions DNR relies on its extensive market analysis with regard to infrastructure, transportation network, public utilities, demographics, household income distribution, business activity, development characteristics and other factors.


DNR emphasizes the importance of quality materials used to build its homes and carefully selects the best available construction supplies. Highly experienced and trusted subcontractor crews are assigned to each project and are responsible for ensuring the quality of their work.


Our company understands the significance of following carefully designed construction schedules and meeting specific deadlines. Each construction project is broken into specific administrative, financial and construction milestones. Everyone involved sets a goal to reach those milestones within a defined timeframe.


Under the leadership of its excellent management team DNR continues its solid growth, sustains competitive pressure and maintains its market leadership. Our management consists of talented individuals with a great experience in such areas as real estate development, construction, finance, international business, engineering and business development.


Our affiliation with top architects offers us a great opportunity to build elegant, highly functional and comfortable home solutions for our clients. Modern designs developed for maximum comfort and use of space help us strengthen our reputation of a premier real estate development company.


To ensure the quality and timeliness of our construction projects we carefully select the most qualified subcontractors as our partners. DNR is convinced that talented personnel determined to meet deadlines and perform high quality work helps the firm to maintain its competitiveness and leadership.